Insulation coating agent
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Polyurethane insulation agent

Packing unit :

Aerosol 420㎖/Can, 20cans/Box

Product information

 YECOA YL-901 is a polyurethane coating agent, with superior insulation effects for electrical

equipment and sealing effects for humidity shutoff. It is a product with films being rapidly dried,

being capable of withstanding salt, humidity, impact, wear, etc. by forming solid and yet flexible films.

Polyurethane, hydrophobic insulator spray of room-temperature curing type.

Excellent ozone resistance, arc resistance, heat resistance, and chemical resistance.

Excellent adhesion and surface gloss.

Excellent resistance to impact, wear and vibration.

● RoHS(6 type hazardous substances) undetected.


● PCB Board

● Humidity-proof, sealing protection coating agent.

● Insulating agent for Coil, Connectors, Control Box, etc.

How to use

Always wear safety equipment before work.

Clean the dust, oil contents and grease on the metal surface.

    (Using our ECC cleaner, they are removed easily)

Shake up and down lightly before use.

Spray twice or three times to make thick film formed.

Spray it about 20~30cm away from target object.



Do not use it to human body.

Provide good ventilation.

Keep it in the place below 40without direct sunlight.

Do not spray it toward fire.

Avoid contact with it, because contact with strong alkali, strong acid cleaner and thinner

   (B.T.X) makes coating film damaged after coating film forms.

 ※ Please observe the following points when storing and using the product and discard.

Even though it is low-flammable, keep away from fire to spray it.

Provide good ventilation for long-time use.

Keep it in the well-ventilated place below 40.

Do not use it toward fire.

Do not use near heater or stove.

Do not use in the room using fire.

Do not keep it in the place above 40.

Provide ventilation to use it in the closed room.

Do not throw it away into fire.

Punch the can to throw it away.

Do not keep it in the closed place.

Spraying may not work well below 5℃.


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