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World number one portable butane gas.
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The best quality of being completely burned without leaving residues

Stability acknowledged by global inspection institutions!

SERENA butane for export approaching customers with realization of the best service




Dedicated to portable gas ranges.

How to use

1. The coupling groove of the product faces upwards.

2. Connect portable gas stove well.

3. Make sure that the gas is leaking from the insertion part and the connection part of the instrument.

4. Only ignite when no gas leakage is heard.



If butane gas is used in a confined space, there is a risk of explosion and suffocation, so be sure

    to ventilate it and use it in a well-ventilated place.

Do not spray or breathe on the human body. Never give shock to the container(Can) and do not

    use a device with a deformed appearance.

If the container(Can) is overheated directly or indirectly, please never prohibit the following activities.

   (There is a risk of explosion)

   ① Do not place ignition coals or charcoals on the portable gas range.

   ② If the container(Can) is placed near a stove or heater, it may burst.

   ③ Do not use materials with excessive radiant heat such as iron plates, utensils, stone plates, or 

       aluminum foil on the container(Can) cover.

   ④ If flammable heat from a portable gas stove indirectly touches the gas container(Can), there is

       a risk of explosion. Never use more than two portable gas stoves. 

If not in use, remove the container(Can) and place the cap in a shaded area below 40 °C and in

    a well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight.

Avoid direct sunlight when storing in vehicles. Be careful that the internal temperature of the vehicle

    rises and may explode when stored for a long time.

Use containers(Can) that are not being used at any time. In the case of rust, use as soon

    as possible after confirming that the gas is not leaking.

Make sure to use the container(Can) completely (shake and no sound), and then drill a hole

    outdoors without a firearm and separate it from other trash. There is a risk of fire in the sweeping car.



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