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World number one portable butane gas.
TY-101 Gas range
Portable gas stoves

Packing unit :


Product information

Piezoelectric automatic ignition type.

Container detachment-type safety device.

Prevention of gas leakage by dual packing device.



Portable gas range.

Fuel in use: sun fuel.

How to use

1. Make sure the trivet of the pan stand comes up and open the container(Can) cover.

2. Place the gas container on a gas mounting stand.

3. Adjust the portable gas container mounting lever to the engagement position. Check the mounting 

    condition and close the container cover.

4. Rotate the digestion button until you hear a "Tack" sound. Repeat if ignition fails.

5. After use, adjust the portable gas container operation lever to the disengaged position.

6. Remove the portable container after use, and set the ignition knob to the extinguishing position.

    Repeat to see if digestion is complete.


If the mounting lever of the container(Can) has been moved to the release position during use,

    do not force the lever to install it. Since the pressure safety device is activated, the portable gas

    container(Can) may explode if it is used forcibly in this situation.

Do not store gas containers(Can) in the product when the heat does not cool down after use.


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