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Pure Doctor Set

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Aluminium Bag/1Set

Product information



 Pure Doctor YL-960 is a component which helps to facilitate user's cleaning operation at

only one go from the trouble of meticulous cleaning preparation and finding of cleaning tools by

providing products of the best quality.

Power generation plant, substation, distribution panel for large-scale building, distribution

    panels of ironworks / shipyards.


How to use

1.Prepare by separating PCB Board from System.

2.Place YL-968(Work prop) on a workbench and mount the PCB Board for preparation.

Take out YL-967(recycling bottle) as needed, and recover the liquid produced upon operation.

3. Equip with protective equipment such as YL-961(protective gloves), YL-962(protective apron), etc.

    and shake out or remove foreign objects (Dust, Mist, etc.) using YL-964(brush).

4.Clean by using YECOA YL-108(ultrapure cleaner for ECC).

Additionally spray YL-109(Ultra dustfree) as needed.

5.Finish spray with YECOA YL-108(ultrapure cleaner for ECC).

Wipe off the place of finish work with YL-965(portable cloth) as needed.

6. Check up the worked PCB Board using YL-963(Test Paper).

Enhance rust inhibition by coating YECOA YL-502(lubrication and rust inhibition agent) as

    needed in the state with the SYSTEM constructed.

7.Return the PCB Board with work finished from the prepared place to the original position for assembly.



 ※ Please observe the following points when storing and using the product and discard.

● Even though it is low-flammable, keep away from fire to spray it.

● Provide good ventilation for long-time use.

● Keep it in the well-ventilated place below 40.

● Do not use it toward fire.

● Do not use near heater or stove.

● Do not use in the room using fire.

● Do not keep it in the place above 40.

● Provide ventilation to use it in the closed room.

● Do not throw it away into fire.

● Punch the can to throw it away.

● Do not keep it in the closed place.

● Spraying may not work well below 5.

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