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All-season polyurethane flame-retardant foam

Packing unit :

Aerosol 600㎖/Can, 15cans/Box

Product information

YECOA YL-507 is an all-season flame-retardant foam.


Insulation, sealing: Gap sealing of freezer, gap sealing of roof tiles, gap sealing around windows,

   sealing of windows and walls for pre-fabricated buildings, sealing around heating pipe and walls,

   sealing of gaps with cables and electrical wires passing through, etc.

Adhesion: Fixing of window frames and door frames.

Noise reduction: Fixing material for vibrating part of air conditioner or heating system.

For general repair: Plugging of rat holes, gaps or holes of camping car, upon house repair,

   repair of floating part of vessel, Used for general repair,

   insect proofing or defense against rodents in farms.

Other: Used as a filler for small packing, for ornaments and designs.


How to use

YL-507G(Gun Type)

Always wear safety equipment before work.

1. Remove the cans.

2. Shake well.

3. Replace the gun cans of the product.

4. For working with the can upside down.

YL-507A(Adapter type)

Always wear safety equipment before work.

1. Remove the cans.

2. Shake well.

3. Attach the adapter tube to the valve.

4. For working with the can upside down.




STORAGE : Do not store or transport it upside-down or lay down. It may cause the nozzle

                     to be clogged.

Comply with following cautions.

  1. Protect yourself with goggles and gloves.

  2. Avoid the foam from Getting on your skin.

  3. In case of foam getting in your eyes, wash it immediately away with water and soap and

      consult a doctor.

  4. The aerosol can is under pressure.

  5. Do not expose to direct Sunlight or temperatures above 50.

  6. Don’t Pierce the can.

  7. Don’t spray in the open flame.

  8. Keep away from children.

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