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Removal of oil/grease(20㎏)

Packing unit :

PVC 20kg

Product information

 YECOA YL-117 is a water-soluble detergent with low irritability, non-corrosiveness, nonflammability.

It is safe under long-term storage as oxidation suppressor is added, while having no change

in the quality even when frozen in winter season. It has advantages of being applicable to

all cleaning processes of general industry. It is economical, recirculating and biodegradable so that

it can be used in environments with confidence.

 It is used throughout the whole industry including ferrous metals, nonferrous metals as well

as electronic components, and causes no damage to paint, rubber, plastic, and plated surfaces.



Machine, equipment, machine part, food processor.

Automotive aluminum wheel, indoor/outdoor of aircraft, vessel.

Furniture, home appliances, air-conditioner, bag, bathroom, indoor, bedroom, glass.

Floor, container, food storage tank, refrigerated vehicle, truck, etc.

Removal of oils and minor carbon from various nozzles. Removal of oils and

    contaminants attached to each part of internal combustion engines.


How to use

Always wear safety equipment before work.

Remove dust or dirt off applied surface to apply it.

Use brush or sand paper to remove rust or scale and apply it.

Spray twice or three times to make cleaning.

Spray it about 20~30cm away from target object.  


Do not use other than purpose.

Keep out of the reach of children.

If there is a problem with the contents to touch your eyes or skin, wash with clean water and consult

    a physician.

Please avoid direct contact with the food or the injection face, inhaled, or do not eat.

As a water-soluble products please observe the following precautions. (non-flammable)

 ① Do not keep it in the place above 40.

 ② Make sure ventilation is performed after using in a closed room.

 ③ Do not keep it in the closed place. 

 ④ Do not store more than 5in winter.



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