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Ultrapure ECC(for semiconductors)

Packing unit :

Aerosol 500g/Can, 20cans/Box

Product information

 YL-108 Ultrapure ECC (for semiconductors)

As a result of manufacturing and import of freon-based (CFC's) cleaners being prohibited,

development of substitute cleaners such as YECOA YL-108 has been essentially required  

for processes in all industry areas. Thus, to apply eco-friendly products with substitutability

to the precision area processes of social overhead capital(SOC), YECOA YL-108 product was designed.


Electrical contact point part: Relay, selector, switch, wiper.

Magnetic head: Video, audio, computer.

Indicator(dial, digital), communication equipment(VTR, CRT, PCB)

Various machine surfaces, measuring instruments, metal surfaces.

How to use

Always wear safety equipment before work.

Cleansing by Spraying : Spray about 20~30 cm away from the object.

Dipping Method : Grease or oil stain can be dissolved and cleaned when the

    object dips into the ECC Cleaner, YL-108(Bulk type).

Brushing Method : When you clean severely polluted materials within a short time,

    you have to dip it in the fluid of multi-cleaner and brush it for effective cleaning.

    You have to choose a brush for cleaning of the nonferrous metals or plastic products carefully.

Spray Method : Excellent cleansing effect against non-soluble contaminants such as dust

    by using solubility and spray pressure of ECC Cleaner, YL-108.

Ultra-Sonic Method : Excellent cleaning effect using vibration of fluid of ultra-sonic cleaner.

    YL-108(Bulk type).

Vapor Degreasing Method : Perfect cleaning effect using the vapor degreasing method without

    any vibration or shock on the object. YL-108(Bulk type).



Test is required before applying.

It may cause damage of special kinds of resin such as Acryl, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, ABS,

    and etc. In particular, you have to be careful when it is used for Fluorine solvents products.

This should be used only for its intended purpose.

Ventilation is necessary when using the cleaner.

Do not inhale it for a long period of time.

Avoid long contact with skin.

※ Test prior to applying for Fluorine resin and Fluorine rubber products, because 

    the Fluorine solvents is used.

Please observe the following points when storing and using the product and discard.

Do not use it toward fire.

Provide good ventilation for long-time use.

Do not use near heater or stove.

Do not keep it in the place above 40℃.

Provide ventilation to use it in the closed room.

Do not throw it away into fire.

Punch the can to throw it away.

Spraying may not work well below 5℃.


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