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Anti-spatter for welding(Only Steel)

Packing unit :

Aerosol 420㎖/Can, 20cans/Box

Product information

 YECOA YL-702 is a preventive agent for spatter attachment.

 When spatter occurs, it causes not only product defects but also painting defects after completion.

Therefore, spatters had to be removed by the previous processing method of shot, blast, or chisel,

otherwise attachment prevention agents lacking stability had to be employed. Thus, it is an essential

product for productivity improvement such as quality improvement, cost saving, improvement of

work environments, etc.

Superior effects of preventing attachment of welding impurities (effective for more than 1 month)

No ill effects on welding.

● Preservation of original shape possible.

Excellent durability and applicability.

No odors and clean work place.

● Quick drying and excellent spreadability.


Prevention of welding impurities upon welding of iron steels. 


How to use


After welding, user must have a self-test and then decide to use the product

   if there is post-processing such as painting. (In case of plating, you go on plating 

   after remove of solvent.

Ventilation is necessary during use.

Do not inhale it into your body for long.

Avoid long-time skin contact.

Keep in the place below 40without direct sunlight.

Please observe the following points when storing and using the product and discard.

Even though it is low-flammable, keep away from fire to spray it.

Provide good ventilation for long-time use.

Keep it in the well-ventilated place below 40.

Do not use it toward fire.

Do not use near heater or stove.

Do not use in the room using fire.

Do not keep it in the place above 40.

Provide ventilation to use it in the closed room.

Do not throw it away into fire.

 Punch the can to throw it away.

 Do not keep it in the closed place.

Spraying may not work well below 5. 

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